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Frequency of the C677T mutation in MTHFR gene in Bulgaria. Maternal folate metabolism and incidence of NTD and Down syndrome.С. Андонова2003-2005
The Role of Inherited form of thrombofilias in the development of obstetrics complications.Р. Колева2003-2005
National program genomics: Genomics of affective disordersР. Кънева2003-2005
Genotypephenotype correlations in Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, Wilson disease and spinal muscular atrophy in patients form Bulgaria and IndiaПроф. И. Кременски2003-2005
Genotypephenotype correlations in Charcot-Marie-Tooth diseaseA. Йорданова2003-2005
Investigation of promoter methylation of MLH1 and MSH2 genes on the Microsatellite instability in Colorectal CancerT. Кадийска2001-2002
Investigation of the clinical and pathomorphological caracteristics of the hereditary and sporadic colorectal cancerПроф. Дамянов2001-2005
Population study of Y-chromosome DNA polymorphisms and estimation of their application in forensic practice and population genetics in BulgariaБ. Захарова1999-2003
Investigation of the molecular- genetics and clinical profiles in bulgarian HNPCC patientsПроф. Дамянов2002-2003
Molecular basis of the most common neuromuscular disorders in BulgariaПроф. И. Кременски1999-2000
Investigation of the possibilities for molecular diagnostics and prophylactics of hereditary colorectal cancer in BulgariaПроф. Дамянов1998-2001
Model of intensive metabolic screening for diagnostics of inherited disorders in childhoodПроф. И. Кременски1997-1999
Screening for point mutations in the dystrophin gene. Mechanisms of mutagenesisA. Тодорова1997-1999
Diabetes gestosisПроф. T. Чернев; Проф. И. Кременски1997-1999
Genotyping of the chronic leucosesПроф. И. Кременски1996-1998
Analysis of families with Adult Polycistic Kidney Disease, not linked to chromosome 4 and 16Д-р. Н. Богданова1996-1998
Population study of polymorphic DNA markers and their application for quality control in the molecular diagnostics in BulgariaБ. Захарова1995-1998
Genetic aspects of the intra-vascular diseases in patients with hereditary angioaedemaПроф. И. Кременски1995-1998
Introduction of prenatal diagnosis of spinal muscular dystrophy type I, II and III in Bulgarian familiesA. Йорданова1995-1998
Interactions between genetic and psychosocial vulnerability factors in affective disordersР. Кънева1995-1998
Phenotype characteristics and gene mapping of rare hereditary syndrome in big inbred gypsy pedigreeA. Савов1995-1998
Mass screening for Down Syndrome and neural tube defects by estimation of alpha- fetoprotein and beta- chorion gonadotropin concentrationПроф. И. Кременски1993-1994
Molecular Defects and cardiac involvement in Duchenne/Becker muscular dystrophy Bulgarian patientsД-р. Ж. Бронзова1994-1996
Linkage analysis of Adult Cystic Kidney DiseaseД-р. Н. Богданова1993-1996
Correlation between molecular defects and clinical manifestation of Duchenne/Becker muscular dystrophyД-р. Ж. Бронзова1992-1995
Molecular characteristics of cystic fibrosis in BulgariaД. Ангеличева1993-1996
Investigation of the attitude in families at risk towards the new methods for prenatal diagnosisПроф. Л. Калайджиева1993-1996
Molecular Genetics of endogenous psychosis: Schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorderР. Кънева1991-1994