CV of Theodor Todorov, PhD student


10. 2003 – 10. 2006 Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynaelogy, Medical University, Laboratory of Molecular Pathology
Job Title: PhD student
Thesis: Molecular Characterization on Wilson disease in Bulgaria
10. 1994 – 10. 1995 M Sc in Cell Biology and Divelopmantal Biology, Department of Cell Biology, Histology ad Embriology, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”
10. 1993 – 10. 1994 Specialization in Cell and Molecular Biology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciense, Institute of Cell and molecular Biology
10. 1990 – 10. 1993 B Sc in Common Biology, Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski"


01. 2000 – 02. 2002  Clinical Centre of Endocrinology and Gerontology, Meducal University Laboratory of Genetics and Immunology
Job Title: Associate Researcher in Cytogenetics


Characterization of molecular defect in the ATP7B gene in Wilson disease patients from Bulgaria.

The main target of this project was to identify the Wilson disease mutations which lead to the disease in the Bulgarian population, whose genetic pool is representative of southern Europeans as well as Slavic populations.


Chromosome analisis

  • Karyotyping (G-bending)

Molecular diagnosis /DNA analisis/

  • Haplotype analisis /identification of polymorphic microsatellite markers"
  • Mutation analisis


  1. Isolation of DNA from blood cells
  2. Polimerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
  3. Multiplex PCR
  4. Allele specific PCR
  5. Single Strand Conformation Polymorphisms (SSCP)
  6. Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphisms (RFLP)
  7. Denaturing Gel Electrophoresis (DGE)

Qualitative and quantitative sperm analisis


  • Training and teaching in cytogenetics for medical under- and postgraduate students.


My main research interests and activities are in the field of human hereditary disorders.

  • Molecular Biology and Genetics
  • Monogaenic inherited diseases
  • DNA-polymorphisms: minisatellite-VNTR (Variable Number of Tandem Repeats), microsatellite-STR (Short Tandem Repeats), SNP (Single Nucleotid Polimorphisms).